Private Matters

Privacy and its evil twin Intelligence.

Like Yin and Yang, where one exists the other suffers.

Sometimes we need to manage our visibility or profile. Sometimes  we need to penetrate that management other’s have put in place to effect some requirement we have (litigation, business effort, conflict resolution, etc). Regardless of which, Tek Security Group understands the pivotal balance and see-saw of Privacy and Intelligence and can provide services and tools to enable solutions to our customer’s end.

What is organic intelligence? Intelligence use to be the venue of a secret world of experts and only those with money. That is no longer the case today. In today’s world, for most intelligence needs one can find simple, low-cost, but effective solutions. Often these solutions are “DIY” (i.e., you can do them yourself) or with a little guidance or expert consultation.

  • Privacy
    • Privacy Assessments
    • Real or Technical Profile Reduction
  • Intelligence
    • Organic micro intelligence solutions
    • Organic micro counter-intelligence solutions
    • Social media and OSINT exploitation