Mind Ninja

Social Engineering is the lynch pin of security in any environment.

People are at the same time your greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Fail to train and empower them, and they will become the backdoor Bad Guys will use to penetrate deep and wide into your domain. Do train and empower them and they become the thermo-nuclear, trip wire that will more often than not thwart most of those attacks.

Social Engineering is so valued at Tek Security Group, we have coined the term “Mind Ninja” for those persons (good and bad) who know how to use it well. What can we do for you?

  • Specialized Assessments
    • Leadership Social Engineering Assessment
    • Customer Facing Systems Stop Loss With Quality
    • Hybrid Social Engineering Campaigns
  • Training
    • Making Leaders Social Engineering Evangelists
    • Teaching Customer Support Staff How To Spot and Stop Scams
    • Lunch & Learn Employee Empowerment Seminars
    • How to be Aggressive/Passive NOT Passive/Aggressive
  • Tools
    • DESERT (Directed Employee Social Engineering Remediation Targeting) Tool
    • Custom SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) Installations