Bad Guy Fu

Bad Guy Fu… Keeping the Bad Guy at bay. The constant struggle of all enterprises.

Its real simple. You can’t.

The best you can do is harden your environment by good, frequent assessments (vulnerability scans and penetration tests) conducted by independent, expert security professionals; staff and train your own security team to keep your environment up-to-date, and train and empower your non-security staff to be your “secret weapon” in your security plan; and identify, quarantine and remediate extensively upon identification of any issue.

Tek Security Group’s Bad Guy Fu can cost-effectively help you in many aspects of securing your own Bad Guy Fu. Here is a list of the Bad Guy Fu we offer to you:

  • Traditional Assessment
    • External/Internal Vulnerability Scans
    • Technical/Social/Physical Penetration Tests
  • Product Assessment
    • Web App/Service Security Assessment
    • Embedded Device Security Assessment
    • Hybrid (Hardware/Software/Mobile/Embedded) Product Systems Security Assessments
    • Software Security Assessments (C, Python, Java, Ruby, Objective C)
  • Mobile
    • Secure Mobile Architectures
    • Mobile Application Security Assessments
    • Mobile Forensics
  • Remediation
    • Embedded Device Forensics
    • Web App/Service Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics

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