Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one. We try to be as “bad” (like the bad guy) as possible, so we can protect you from them. We wake up each day and try to think of “how can we break this”, WWTBGD (what would the bad guy do), and how much mischief can we cause today. Our purpose in this is to help you identify and secure your world.

About Us

Tek Security Group is a group of diverse background security professionals who love all aspects of security. Yes, we are in a way “geeks”, but unlike your typical “geek” technical security, hacker, nerd-firm, Tek Security Group has members who have “been there done that” in global, life and death conflicts where lives have been on the line. Therefore we have a more pragmatic view of what we do and how it relates to your bottom line.

While our mission statement sounds harsh, unfortunately the bad-guy is harsh. He doesn’t care. He will turn your world inside out on a moments notice, when you least expect it. We want to help make that hard for him. We will never lead you to believe you can be “secure”, you can be as secure as you can be, but as all lock builders know – no matter how secure of lock you build, someone will figure out how to defeat it. The question becomes can you make it too expensive for them.

Let us show you how to make it too expensive for them.


  • Offensive Hacking
  • Privacy
  • Intelligence/Counter Intelligence on an organic level
  • Social Engineering
  • Mac/Linux/Android
  • Mobile


  • Offensive (Bad Guy Fu)
    • Traditional Assessments (Scans & Pen Tests)
    • Product Assessments (Web, Mobile, Embedded, Hybrid, Software)
    • We do Mobile!!
    • Remediation
  • Privacy/Intelligence (Private Matters)
    • Privacy Assessments
    • Real and Technical Privacy Remediation
    • Organic Intelligence and Counter-intelligence Solutions
  • Social Engineering (Mind Ninja)
    • Specialized Assessments (Leadership, Customer Facing, Hybrid)
    • Training
    • Detection and Analysis Tools

Tek Sec Tzu

  • What you don’t know, the bad guy will find out; what you do know, the bad guy will leverage – we strive to beat him to it through vigilance.
  • The bad guy lies, cheats, steals, and intends to hurt you – the only way we can protect you is by having his same mindset through thorough knowledge of the opponent.
  • Your enemy will never rest and will attack you when you least expect it – therefore we will always put in place solutions that defeat him in the most ingenious and comprehensive manners.
  • When promulgating your esoteric cogitations and articulating your psychological sentimental observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosities – or better said… WHEN SAYING SOMETHING SAY IT SIMPLY!
  • KISS! Keep It Simple, Sir! Layers of simple solutions will always be more robust and resilient than complex solutions.
  • There IS NO SILVER BULLET – Don’t ask us to find one for you. We take no prisoners and hold no bars on this point.
  • Your greatest security asset is and will always be your people. Train them wisely and you will be far more secure as a result.