Announcing Tek Security Group 2.0

February 2, 2015

Tek Security Group LLC announces their new web site and offerings today. As a premier security solutions provider Tek Security Group has simplified its web site so our customers can find the information they need more quickly. We also have identified more succinctly the focus and direction of Tek Security Group.

Tek Security Group will now focus on:

  • Offensive (Bad Guy Fu)
    • Traditional Assessments (Scans & Pen Tests)
    • Product Assessments (Web, Mobile, Embedded, Hybrid, Software) (new!)
    • We do Mobile!!
    • Remediation (new!)
  • Privacy/Intelligence (Private Matters)
    • Privacy Assessments (new!)
    • Real and Technical Privacy Remediation (new!)
    • Organic Intelligence and Counter-intelligence Solutions (new!)
  • Social Engineering (Mind Ninja)
    • Specialized Assessments (Leadership, Customer Facing, Hybrid) (new!)
    • Training
    • Detection and Analysis Tools (new!)


In addition to our simplified web site we have added two blogs: and as resources for the community to draw upon.

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